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WHAT IS Facial Yoga?


Facial Yoga is the latest anti-aging sensation that promises to do for your face what yoga does for your body. Facial Yoga has helped thousands of women and men all over the world exercise their way to a more vibrant and younger-looking face and neck - without injections or fillers.

Your face has 43 muscles and keeping them toned has positive physical and mental effects. Facial Yoga can help you feel happier, look younger, and help you maintain an ongoing youthful glow. If you want to see facial lines and wrinkles disappear, practicing Facial Yoga regularly can certainly help by strengthening and toning the muscles in your face

In just minutes per day, Facial Yoga accelerates a natural way to look your best and feel younger. It is a holistic practice which uses face exercises, face massage, reflexology and relaxation to help activate collagen production and muscle tone in your face.


The 5 Components of Facial Yoga

What are the 5 Components of Facial Yoga?

Facial Exercise - We know that when we strengthen and tone a muscle, the muscle becomes stronger and firmer, and the skin attached to it is smoothed and lifted. This same principle is true for our face.

Facial Massage - Relaxing, calming, and therapeutic. Facial Yoga is also very good for the circulation. Face massage helps bring fresh blood and nutrients to the skin surface, which helps to remove toxins.

Reflexology - Rooted in age old philosophy, reflexology points deliver many benefits--such as improving the circulation and lymphatic drainage. It reduces headaches and stress, and improves the subtle energy of your wellbeing.

Relaxation - By learning to relax the muscles in your face, you reduce the lines that are caused through expressions. Consequently, you'll experience a reduction in nuisances like jaw aches, headaches, and teeth grinding.

Wellbeing - What we feel on the inside radiates out through our face. Feeling good about yourself, talking to yourself in a positive way, and loving the face you see in the mirror every day are all meaningful side-effects of this completely relaxing and therapeutic practice.


Benefits of Facial Yoga:

Increased oxygen and blood flow to the face

Uplifts corners of the mouth

A happier face creates a happier spirit

Slimmer, more defined cheeks (for those who currently have a fuller face)

Fuller cheeks (for those with a bony/slimmer face)

Wider, fuller lips/mouth

Decreased nasolabial fold lines

Wide-opened eyes

Less droopy eyelids

Reduced forehead lines

A more relaxed overall look

The ability to speak more clearly

Increased lymphatic flow in the face and neck, reducing trapped toxins

Reduced lines around and dark circles underneath the eyes

More symmetrical facial expression

Smoother, more youthful looking skin

Fuller self expression