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About Cressi

Cressi Johnson started her career in emergency services 24 years ago as a first responder and swift water rescue technician. She progressed through the emergency services field by becoming an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), EMT-Intermediate, Paramedic, Critical Care Paramedic, Structural Firefighter and Arduous Wildland Firefighter Paramedic.

She dedicated many years of her career to disaster response, responding to volatile areas struck by hurricanes, floods, wildfires and civil unrest. It was in these areas that she found ways to treat her coworkers and the general public when supplies were limited and conditions were not ideal. Cressi had taken massage therapy classes and received a separate certification in reflexology in 2003 as a side interest and found that these skills were needed more than ever in areas of high stress and turmoil. She automatically integrated the non-invasive techniques of reflexology to help those around her during the course of her normal activities in emergency services while deployed in disaster areas.

After retiring from EMS in 2018, it was then that the plan for Durango Reflexology was formed as Cressi found a new way to continue to serve her community. She continues to maintain her many advanced certifications and strives to continue learning with the industry as it evolves.